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Multitasking dude. Stripping while playing with his soccer ball. Not to mention that he is erect ;)

Fucking yum!

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Abe fucks Spencer and it is fucking hot.  You’ll have no trouble nutting to this one.  :)

Be sure to watch around the 4:32 mark …. Abe’s cum streams out of Spencer’s ass and onto Abe’s still rock hard cock … there’s just something very hot about the way that cum just coats that cock.

The top’s deep and rough voice is turning me on so much, the moment he first moans out “oh yes ” almost made me cum. And how rough he is while fucking and vocal, “right there” but do what the bottom do though, reach through into my pants and stoke and jerk my cock under my pants, that’s so hot

             ——- The part of the clip starting at 1:30, where the fucking is close in and Abe is all sweaty and kissing Spencer and Spencer is smiling in such an obvious state of bliss, is really fucking hot.

Abe is my dream-man!

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Serious bator.  Get’s me hard to see a dude so into getting his nut!

Latindadnyc: Serious Bator and Gooner!

I’ll have whatever the chef is making in the kitchen.

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Awesome amounts of cum on this dude…fucking love it!!

I counted 11 blasts of cum

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Meal replacement shake, new flavor!

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